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Make the transition from classroom to online education with us.

Embarking on a mid-term journey with Eton Academy is more like joining a warm, extended family than just switching schools. We get it – life throws surprises, and we're here to make your child's education transition as seamless as possible.

Personalised Guidance: Our admissions team isn't just here to process paperwork; they're your go-to companions, ready to demystify the curriculum and address any questions. Think of them as your personal education GPS!

Meet Dr Gabrielle Hargreaves: After the paperwork, your family gets a virtual sit-down with our principal, Dr Gabrielle Hargreaves. This isn't a formality; it's a chance to tailor your child's learning plan based on their unique strengths and needs.

Instant Learning Access: No waiting around! Once enrolled, your child gains immediate access to our Learning Management System. Assignments, resources, and a community of teachers and peers – it's all right there.

Ongoing Support: Our teachers and support crew aren't just educators; they're your child's champions. They're committed to ensuring a smooth integration into our online learning community, providing the personalized help your child needs.


Adaptable Education: Life doesn't wait for the 'right' time, and neither do we. Whether it's homeschooling challenges, a rocky start in secondary school, or issues with bullying, Eton Academy welcomes your family with open arms at any point in the year.

Ready to make a change? Let's embrace the adventure together, ensuring your child's education remains a constant, no matter what life throws our way

A boy studying online at home
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