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Fists in Solidarity

Become a partner with us

At Eton Academy, we are driven to provide the very best education for our students. We believe this can be achieved through curated partnerships which benefit everyone involved.


Your organisation can become an Eton Academy partner. We are constantly seeking the best recruitment partners to join our community. These partners find potential students who will thrive within the Eton Academy schooling experience and receive a commission for every student who enrols.

There are so many benefits of being an Eton Academy recruitment partner.


No administration fees

You do not need to worry about administration fees when working with us. Just send us the required documentation and start earning commission fast.


Promotion and international brand awareness

We list our recruitment partners on our website, raising your business profile to an international platform. You can also include the Eton Academy name in your own materials and profiles and hence publicly associate yourself with a global education network.


Full support

We want you to find the very best students and we want to see you thrive. This is why we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our passionate team will assist in providing anything you need to connect with potential students in your region and in bringing them on board.



Recruitment is a sought-after career with huge earning potential. By becoming an Eton Academy recruitment partner, you can take on this role in a way that suits you.

Fit recruitment around your other commitments and use it to experience new markets and perspectives. With this new source of income, your organisation will move into new areas of business and will increase its productivity.

Become an Eton Academy recruitment partner today by filling out this form and email it to

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