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Pastoral Care

At Eton Academy, our commitment to student well-being goes beyond the ordinary. Our dedicated student services and pastoral care teams are here to provide unwavering support, addressing any challenges students may encounter.


Each school grade gets weekly PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) lessons, to ensure they are being supported to the best of our abilities, both in and out of school. We believe in proactive measures to foster a positive learning environment.


Our commitment to transparent communication extends to parents, ensuring they are active partners in their child's educational journey. From regular updates to involvement in key decisions, parents stay informed and engaged every step of the way.


At Eton Academy, we take a stand against bullying with our zero-tolerance policy, fostering a safe and inclusive community where every student can thrive. Join us, where caring for our students is at the heart of what we do.

To further support students, we have the Pastoral Support Programme (PSP) whic is how we intervene when a student is in danger of permanent exclusion or repeated fixed-term exclusion from Eton Academy. As part of our support for students and in our efforts to see them succeed, we will introduce the PSP for a student following evaluation of their situation, in reference to Eton Academy’s behaviour policies.


The PSP works by finding solutions to the student’s issues by drawing from a range of perspectives. Through a meeting involving all those connected to the student, a set of targets will be set for these parties, each with the combined aim of getting the student back on track and away from risk of exclusion.


A student’s PSP will be school-based and time-limited. The PSP will be made with the consideration of the views of the school, the student and the student’s family. It will involve smart targets with practical strategies, and its progress will be overseen by a school leader. Every few weeks, the PSP will be reviewed and adjusted to better fit the student’s current stage of progress.


A student will be recommended for PSP when they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Their behaviour is getting worse rapidly and previous intervention to resolve this has been unsuccessful.

  • They have received two or more fixed-term exclusions.

  • They have received a fixed-term exclusion of at least ten days. 

  • They are considered to be at risk of permanent exclusion.

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