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About Eton Academy

Since our establishment in 2016, Eton Academy has been committed to delivering a high-quality British education. We take pride in our experienced team of educators, who bring a wealth of knowledge from the education sector.

As a certified Cambridge International School, our curriculum is globally recognised, offering students an enriching, challenging experience that serves as a stepping stone to universities and employers worldwide.


Join us at Eton Academy, where quality British education meets innovation, personalised guidance, and a dynamic virtual environment.

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Experienced Educators

Our dedicated teachers hold British-standard teaching qualifications, ensuring that their skills are globally recognised for their excellence. In addition to their academic prowess, our educators have hands-on experience in online education, making them adept at delivering programmes to students from all corners of the world. Their commitment lies in providing unwavering support to learners throughout their academic journey.

Why Choose Eton Academy

Our Mission

  • Provide student-centred educational programs that challenge all students to perform at their highest potential. 

  • Encourage students to develop highly desirable learning habits that will inspire students to love learning and help them to lead fulfilled and successful lives. 

  • Develop and encourage students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, engaged.

  • Offer high-quality, internationally recognized programs through forming strong partnerships with awarding bodies and institutions. 

  • Make our programs available to students from all over the world, through our comprehensive Virtual Campus. 

  • Give students and their parents greater control over their studies through flexible study schedules, flexible payment plans, and the option to enrol and study at our multiple locations. 

Our Values:


We believe in providing academic excellence to ensure each student reaches their maximum potential.

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Take a look at some of our lessons and see what parents think about Eton Academy.

Here are some kind words about Eton Academy from Louis Bone, the Online Schools Development Manager at Cambridge.

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