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Why choose Eton Academy

Eton Academy is a new school but its staff and teachers have a wealth of experience in the education sector.


All of our passionate teachers have British-standard teaching qualifications, meaning their skills are globally-recognised to be high quality. In addition, our staff members have all previously worked in online schools and colleges, so know how to administer education programmes to students from all over the world and know how to support learners through their studies.


At Eton Academy, students study online in a future-focused environment. We are always looking to ensure our virtual teaching is in line with the very latest of educational technology and research. 


Our forward-thinking approach also concerns our students’ progress. At Eton Academy, we will work with students to think about their goals, both for their studies and for their futures, and form academic pathways for them to work towards these in a supportive environment.


Lessons are interactive and engaging, and students have access to all of the learning materials they need at all times, meaning that virtual learning at Eton Academy is a smooth process that instils students with confidence in their progress.

Our Values:


We believe in providing academic excellence to ensure each student reaches their maximum potential.

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Our selection policy

Effective recruitment and selection is central and crucial to the successful functioning of Eton Academy.


It depends on finding people with the necessary skills, expertise and qualifications to deliver on its strategic objectives and the ability to make a positive contribution to the values and aims of the organisation.


While there are baseline requirements which must be met by each applicant, we operate on a case-by-case basis to ensure a fair opportunity for all.