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Taking Notes

Parent's Role

Supporting a student through their time at Eton Academy is a collaborative effort between the school and parents.


During their studies here, students receive full academic and wellbeing support from Eton Academy’s teachers and staff. A key factor in a student’s confidence in their studies and ultimate academic success, however, is also the involvement of their parents. 


Before enrolling at Eton Academy and throughout their time here, students must receive parent support in the form of:

  • Discussions with your child about the enrollment process using all of the information you have been provided by the school.

  • Attendance at initial virtual meetings with your child’s teachers where required.

  • Help putting together study plans for completing homework and revision at home.

  • Discussions with your child about their progress at school and what goals they can aim to achieve.

  • Open communication with your child’s tutors so that you are up to date with what they are studying.


Parents can also keep track of what their child is studying and can see their progress through the online Parent Portal. On this platform, parents will have access to their child’s grades, assignment feedback, lesson materials and more.

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