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Doing Homework

Parent's Role

At Eton Academy, we believe in the power of collaboration between the school and parents, fostering a thriving support system that nurtures every student's journey.


Throughout their academic adventure, students receive unwavering support from our dedicated teachers and staff. Yet, we recognise that the involvement of parents is a key factor in a student's confidence and ultimate success.

Before enrollment and throughout their time here, parents play a crucial role by engaging in:

  • Discussions with their child about the enrollment process, utilising the wealth of information provided by the school.

  • Attending initial virtual meetings with their child's teachers when required.

  • Assisting in crafting study plans for homework and revision.

  • Discussing their child's progress and setting achievable goals.

  • Maintaining open communication with their child's tutors to stay abreast of their studies.


In addition, our online Parent Portal provides a seamless way for parents to stay involved, offering access to their child's grades, assignment feedback, lesson materials, and more. At Eton Academy, we believe in the strength of partnership to ensure every student thrives and succeeds!

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