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Language Studies

Welcome to the Eton Academy's Homeschool Hub, your central resource for educational support and inspiration for homeschooling families. Discover a wealth of resources, expert advice, and a nurturing environment that empowers your homeschooling journey.

Getting Started

To start homeschooling you need to:

  • Check Legal Requirements: Familiarise yourself with local homeschooling regulations.

  • Inform Current School: Officially withdraw your child from their current school.

  • Find a Curriculum: Choose a curriculum aligned with your child's needs, learning style, and legal considerations.

  • Gather Resources: Collect materials and tools to support your chosen curriculum.

  • Set Up a Classroom: Designate a dedicated, minimally distracting space for learning.

  • Set a Schedule: Establish a routine for your child's daily learning activities.

  • Ta-da! Celebrate the start of your homeschooling journey.


Blog of the Week

Tips and Tricks

Want to encourage your homeschooled child to love reading? Check out our blog.

Learn how best to support your child this Children's Mental Health Week.

Discover how to strike a balance between embracing technology and safeguarding.

Is your child gifted? Find out how to understand and support you gifted child.


Our Resources
Explore a treasure trove of free, high-quality and teacher-made homeschool resources tailored to your child's learning journey. Dive in here.
Other Resources
Discover additional resource platforms to enrich your educational journey.
Twinkl is an online platform that provides educational resources and materials for teachers, parents, and educators. It offers a wide range of printable worksheets, lesson plans, and teaching aids across various subjects and age groups.


Dive into the world of interactive learning with our quizzes! Stay tuned for more engaging and educational quizzes coming your way soon.
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