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Extra Curriculum

We aim to make online learning enriching and a well-rounded experience for our students. Our vibrant extracurricular programme is designed to ignite students' passions and foster meaningful connections with their classmates.


Explore a diverse array of activities that go beyond the virtual classroom walls. At Eton Academy, we believe in making education exciting and personalised. What sets us apart? Our clubs change each term, driven by student suggestions. This allows our students to try a range of new interests and makes sure there is a club every child will enjoy.


Discover a world of opportunities beyond textbooks. Dive into our extracurricular offerings and let your child's interests flourish at Eton Academy.

Current Clubs

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Leaders Award
Engineering Competition
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Clubs from Last Term


Debate Club


Art Club

Chess club

Chess Club


Gaming Club

Clubs from Last Year

book club

Book Club


Maths Club


Podcasting Club

Movie club

Movie Club

Homework club

Homework Club

Meditation club

Yoga & Meditation Club

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