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Admissions Process

Registration process

1. An application form is submitted through Classe365.


2. Supporting documents must be provided. These include:

  • Identification such as passport details or a copy of the prospective student’s birth certificate

  • Previous school reports, certificates and transcripts.


3. A registration fee is paid. This amounts to £50 for students with a previous school report and £100 for students without a previous school report.

We understand that transferring your child to a new school is a big decision and a big commitment. This is why we will help you every step of the way.


Eton Academy has two main intake points – September and January. However, students can enrol on a rolling basis each month. Individual Learning Plans (ILP)  will be discussed and provided to all students and their parents with  a  recommendation of the examination dates.

meeting our online school's admission team

Enrolment process

1. The student and their parents will meet with their new academic advisor to discuss subject choices and their school timetable.


2. There will be an initial assessment to determine the student’s academic abilities. This includes English and maths tests.


3. The student’s Individual Education Programmes (IEP) and Individual Learning Plans (ILP) will be drawn up.

4. The school fees will be paid, in line with a chosen payment plan.

5. The student will receive all of the information they need to begin their studies at Eton Academy. These include:

  • Acceptance letter

  • Student and parent welcome pack

  • Student handbook

  • Code of conduct

  • Timetable

  • Login details for the Learning Management System (LMS)

  • List of contact details

6. Students will be able to attend an induction session to introduce them to the full Eton Academy homeschooling experience and to guide them on how to start.

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