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Summer Camp

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Manchester at Eton Academy's 2024 Summer Camp! Open to all children aged 7 to 17, our camp promises an enriching experience for everyone.

Doing Homework online

As a Cambridge International School, we're your global hub for top-tier online schooling.



We offer a dynamic timetable packed with live, virtual lessons connecting your child to the richness of British education. Our real-time learning experience ensures your child not only attains the finest qualifications but also connects with expert teachers and forms lasting bonds with peers, all from the comfort of their own home. 


Elevate your child's education— join Eton Academy,  and experience excellence in education.

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Message from the Principal

It is my wholehearted pleasure to introduce you to Eton Academy, where students are at the core of everything we do. At Eton Academy, our students learn how to reach their academic potential, develop themselves on a personal level and discover a lifelong love of learning. 


Our teachers and administrators get to know each student as an individual and foster a learning environment where each student can become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. 


We are a forward thinking school, instilling an innovative, engaging and exciting learning environment where students can study online with a global network of peers.


Proud to be one of the first Cambridge International schools registered as online, we offer an internationally recognised curriculum that is recognised by over 2,200 universities and colleges worldwide. Alongside our curriculum, we offer our students a range of opportunities to develop 21st century skills which will set them on the right path for successful future careers. There are a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to get involved with including our Student Union and Skills Club.


Communication is key to securing the success of our students, which is why we pride ourselves on regularly updating parents and carers about their child's progress through report cards, parents meetings and providing workshops so that they may better understand how to support their child. 


We are a holistic school, and although our students come from the four corners of the world, they become part of our vibrant community.


I encourage you to read through our website to see all that we can offer. Please book a meeting with our staff should you like more information before deciding if Eton Academy is right for your child. 


I look forward to welcoming you to Eton Academy and helping your child excel.

principal of eton academy

- Dr. Gabrielle Hargreaves

Learning at Eton Academy

How Students Learn


Discovering the world of online learning is an exciting journey that offers students the chance to unleash their academic potential and find true fulfilment in their studies.


Our approach involves live online lessons, led by our skilled educators, creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment. In small classes, students delve into their subjects, experiencing a mix of traditional teaching, group work, multimedia activities, and more.


Beyond the virtual classroom, our students access a user-friendly learning management system. Here, they can find all the resources, subject guides, and school information necessary to navigate their educational path with confidence.

Stay Informed with Eton Academy's Latest Updates

At Eton Academy, we're committed to keeping you informed and engaged with the latest developments in our academic world. Our News and Blogs section is your go-to source for staying up-to-date with everything from school announcements to insightful articles on education.

Dive into our blogs, and be a part of the Eton Academy experience.

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