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Eton Academy Open Day

25th March 2023 at 9 am UK time

We would like to give you the opportunity to attend one of our online Open Days so you can learn more about what schooling with Eton Academy is like.

Eton Academy is a registered British Online Cambridge International School. Eton Academy provides primary, lower secondary, IGCSE and A-Level education using the Cambridge curriculum and learning materials for learners between the ages of 7 to 18. 

Eton Academy holds a unique approach to online learning. We understand parents’ and students’ challenges in typical school settings. At Eton Academy, we have made the whole school experience virtual but better, more accessible and more convenient than ever!

There are many benefits to studying with Eton Academy such as a wide range of subjects, one-to-one support for your children, access to their learning management system and the ability to learn with us from anywhere in the world.

Open Day Agenda

We have a packed agenda to ensure you recieve all the information you need about Eton Academy and get the chance to meet teachers, students and the academic team.

Come to our open day to find out:

Who we are and why you should choose us.

What our courses include and a full list of subjects your child can take.

The benfits of online schooling.

Information on entry requirments, applying and examinations.

Register for the open day

Sign up to reserve your spot for the open day.  Attendees of the open day benefit from the deduction of registrations fees if they're interested in joining us. 

Special scholarships for students of our partner institutions!

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