Online Tuition 

Designing on Laptop

Our online tuition packages are designed to help students achieve the best they can while they study one of our partnered programmes. We realise that online study can sometimes be daunting which is why our online campus has been designed to be fully supportive, like that of a real classroom. The schedule is also flexible, to suit busy lifestyles.

Our students get access to teachers who are: 

  • Qualified

  • Experienced in delivery and material development 

  • Experienced in delivering courses online on a global scale

They will learn through an online system that is easy to use, comprehensive and interactive.

English courses

Our English courses utilise Cambridge English interactive materials which showcase work books, audio tracks, videos, note-taking options and many more features aimed at making learners feel as though they are in the classroom with the tutor. All our sessions are recorded and made available in the Google Classroom, where students can re-watch or catch up anytime!

Online English Lesson

CISCO courses

Throughout our Cisco programmes, students receive hands-on instruction and get access to simulators to test their ideas. They will receive personalised and automated feedback from instructors. Through the learning platform they will have access to videos, graphics, and supplemental learning materials in several languages and interactive tools such as Cisco Packet Tracer.