Digital Essentials and Linux Unhatched

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Digital Essentials and Linux Unhatched


This programme is an introduction to the Internet and experiment with various social networking sites. Talking characters and devices make this course a user-friendly environment for an audience new to information technology (IT).This course also covers introductory backend operating system knowledge by teaching basic installation and configuration of Linux and introducing the Linux command line.




The digital world is upon us both personally and professionally. Gain essential skills in computing, such as how to use a computer and connect devices, and how to access search, email and social media. Learners will also ease into acquiring Linux knowledge without having to commit to more than eight total hours of self-paced learning, guided step-by-step with a series of hands-on virtual machine activities.


  • Explore opportunities in technology

  • Develop your digital basics

  • Start exploring the many career possibilities these skills can open up for you


Estimated Time to Completion: 38 hours

Prerequisites: None


Course Delivery: Instructor-led or Self-paced


Learning Component Highlights:

  • 5 chapters plus 1 module

  • Illustrations and narrations guide students through topics

  • Interactive activities, videos and quizzes

  • Built-in Linux machine with activities

  • 1 assessment


Course Recognitions: 

  • Certificate of Completion from Cisco Networking Academy 

  • Letter of Completion from NDG