Who we are

Image by Orry Verducci

Eton Academy 

Eton Academy was established in 2017 as a recruitment centre in the heart of Greater Manchester. Since then, we have helped countless students achieve their dreams of securing the right means to study a high level valuable qualification. 

We chose to expand our services outside of recruitment and began offering our own tuition packages to support students further. As a result, our tutors now provide excellent private tuition services for students who want to study online or classroom-based at our Greater Manchester campus.

Eton Academy continued to grow and expand offering our own high quality English language programmes and, more recently, by becoming an official NetAcademy for CISCO. This partnership allows us to provide our students with access to a comprehensive technology skills and career building programme with a global reputation for preparing people for success in a connected world. This includes online access to up-to-date technical curricula for Cisco certified courses, access to the Cisco netacad.com learning platform, access to videos, graphics, and supplemental learning materials in several languages and interactive tools such as Cisco Packet Tracer.